Semester Estimated Budget


   Semester Full Year










TOTAL  BILLABLE FEES                



In addition, a student's estimated budget should include:


Transport to/from Athens, Greece



Other Expenses*



TOTAL COA (Cost of Attendance)



*Breakdown of other estimated expenses

Meals not provided by CYA
Local transportation
Books & supplies
Personal expenses
Visa/Residence Permit






Independent travel outside of Athens has not been calculated in the above COA. There is a weeklong recess each semester and a number of free 3-day weekends during which most students choose to travel on their own. In planning a budget students should also take into account their own individual travel costs. 

Also, please note that personal expenses (including independent travel outside of Athens, entertainment, laundry, incidentals, etc.) vary widely from student to student and can range between €70 and €250 per week. Visit OANDA for currency conversion between US Dollars ($) and Euros (€). Also, please note that the Visa costs given can vary due to changes in Greek government requirements and/or exchange rates.

Damage Deposit:  CYA issues you a set of keys for your apartment, a remote control for the clima unit (heating/cooling) in your bedroom, and books and course materials for your personal use during the semester.  A €200 deposit will be collected from each student upon arrival to cover the damage or loss of items issued.  The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the semester when items are returned in good condition.  The €200 does not cover the replacement cost for all items issued; therefore, failure to return all items issued by the end of the semester may result in replacement costs beyond the deposit amount.  Please be aware that a transcript will not be issued until all items are returned or replacement costs, if necessary, are paid.

Full-Year Students

Students who attend College Year in Athens for two consecutive semesters receive a 25% discount on tuition for the second semester. Full-year students are permitted to remain in student housing, at no extra charge, during the interval between semesters. However, the dining room is not open during the four weeks between semesters, so students should budget for meals for this period as well as any travel they may wish to do (or for a second transatlantic airfare if they choose to go home).