Support Services

Support Services

Adjusting to a new culture, unfamiliar language, different academic environment, and new roommates - all at the same time - can be daunting. Our friendly, experienced staff are committed to easing this transition and addressing any ongoing concerns. CYA offers both academic and social advising services.

Academic Advising

The Academic Advisor is a faculty member with long experience with the CYA academic program and with students from different backgrounds and institutions. The Academic Advisor's duties include:

  • helping you make changes to your academic program during the drop/add period
  • helping you create a plan of action to address academic difficulties
  • clarifying academic policies

Language Lab

The language lab provies one-on-one assistance for all levels of Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, and Latin. (free of charge)

Academic Writing Lab

A series of workshops that provide you with academic support as you work on assignments for your CYA courses. The workshops help you meet all the demands of your courses at CYA, and special emphasis is placed on experiences, tasks, and assignments that may be new to you as well as the areas of academic reading, writing, and speaking that students find most challenging. Materials for each workshop are available on Moodle, and Moodle also hosts a set of self-study materials (on academic reading, writing and speaking). If you require individualized assistance, Dr. Christine Harrison, our Academic Skills Adviser, will be happy to meet with you (on a one-to-one basis or in a small group) for a writing lab session. (free of charge)

Social Advising

CYA’s Executive Director of Student Affairs, Nadia Melinioti, has over 25 years experience of assisting students with personal growth and development as well as helping them find their own path to fulfillment while they are in Athens. She is dedicated to learning about each student’s unique needs, concerns, hobbies, and special interests and finding ways to accommodate these. Her duties include:
Helping you with problems related to homesickness, getting along with peers, loneliness, a sense of inadequacy or just the day-to-day challenges of adapting to a new country.
Referring you to specialist help in more serious cases.
Offering you a wealth of suggestions and information if you would like to participate in intercultural activities, sports, volunteering, visits to monasteries, etc.


Counseling services are readily available to all CYA students. Private counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist are available at the Academic Centre once a month throughout the semester at specified days and times. The initial session held on CYA premises is free of charge to the student. Subsequent sessions may also be at no charge to the student if they are held during the above dates and times, provided that no other first-time appointments have been made for the same time period.