Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty 2017-2018

Cameron Afzal
PhD. (Columbia U.)
Associate Dean, Sarah Lawrence College
Faculty 2017-2018

Eve Geroulis
MSA (Northwestern University)
Director, MSIMC Program, Senior Lecturer Loyola University Chicago

Alexander Kitroeff
D.Phil. (University of Oxford)
Associate Professor of History at Haverford College.

Visiting Faculty 2016-2017

Alan Shapiro
PhD (Princeton University)
Professor of Classics and W. H. Collins Vickers Professor of Archaeology Emeritus at Johns Hopkins.

Visiting Faculty 2015-2016

Seth Jaffe
PhD (University of Toronto)
Assistant Professor of Government and Legal Studies at Bowdoin College, with research interests in Greek thought -- Thucydides, Plato, and Aristotle -- and wide ranging liberal arts teaching experience in Political Theory, ancient and modern, in International Relations, and in courses at the intersection of IR and Theory (i.e., "Might and Right Among Nations", etc).

Hans-Friedrich Mueller
Ph.D. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Professor of Classics at Union College

Visiting Faculty 2013-2014

Hal Haskell
PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Professor & Chair of Classics at Southwestern University

Pamela Haskell
PhD, University of Missouri at Columbia
Professor of Classics at Southwestern University

Nanno Marinatos
Ph.D. (U.of Colorado at Boulder)
Professor and Head, Department of Classics and Mediterranean Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Visiting Faculty 2012-2013

Jorge J. Bravo III
Ph.D. (U. of California, Berkeley)
Professor in the Classics Department at the University of Maryland

Robert F. Sutton, Jr.
Ph.D. (U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Classical Archaeologist; President, Philadelphia Society, AIA; Professor Emeritus, School of Liberal Arts, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI); Research Associate, Bryn Mawr College 

Visiting Faculty 2011-2012

Cameron Afzal
Ph.D. (Columbia U.)
Professor of Religion at Sarah Lawrence College

Alexandra Alexandridou
D. Phil. (University of Oxford)
On the faculty of the Open University of Cyprus and participated in archaeological excavations of the University of Thessaly at Skiathos and Kythnos.

Susan Buck Sutton
Ph.D. (U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Senior Advisor for Int'l Initiatives at Bryn Mawr College; Professor Emeritus of Antrhopology, Indiana U - Purdue U, Indianapolis

Visiting Faculty 2010-2011

Mark Toher
Ph.D. ( Brown U.)
Frank Bailey Professor of Classics, Union College

Visiting Faculty 2008-2009

Joseph L. Rife
Ph.D. (U. of Michigan)
Assistant Professor of Classics, Macalester College

Visiting Faculty 2006-2007

Gerald Lalonde
Ph.D. (U. of Washington)
Professor of Classics, Grinnell College 

J. Melvin Woody
Ph.D. (Yale U.)
Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Connecticut College