BUS 345 / CHTE 345

Sustainable Futures: Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management

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Related Disiplines:
Cultural Heritage
Spring Semester

This course aims at presenting a strong case for the benefits of a rapprochement between cultural heritage and tourism studies. Common denominator in both disciplines in the 21st century is the critical issue of sustainability. The humankind is already on the verge of a new era, according to some, the Anthropocene, where the anthropogenic impact is a sweeping force for ecosystems, and when climate change is no more a threat but a reality with wide-ranging consequences and a global impact. Furthermore, increasing numbers of visitors threaten the authenticity and visibility of cultural heritage sites. The course draws from a wide variety of perspectives, critical approaches, theoretical stances and case studies to indicate how a constructive dialogue between heritage and tourism experts can facilitate a paradigm shift for realistic albeit groundbreaking policies toward a sustainable future.