HIST 339

Contemporary Greek Politics and Society: Historical Perspectives on Change and Continuity

Major Discipline(s):
Spring Semester
Related Discipline: Political Science cross listed with PSCI 339

Cast in a comparative framework designed to render Greek society and political system more readily intelligible to the average American undergraduate, the course explores the history of the modern Greek state in search of insights and interpretative keys that might shed light on the country’s current crisis. A salient feature of the course is an examination of the central role that the "foreign factor" has played in Greek politics from the early 19th century until today. Equally important will be a historical investigation of Greek national identity--its different sources and strands--in an attempt to explain the sudden growth of anti-immigrant, xenophobic and ultra-nationalist sentiments. Class sessions are supplemented by a visit to the Greek Parliament where students have the opportunity to talk with leading politicians, a walking tour of Athens, and the screening of select Greek movies.