Leighton Young
Student Ambassador
Email: [email protected]
School:Colby College
Cya Term:Spring 2022
Major:1. Government 2. Classical Civilization
Anticipated Graduation:5/21/2023

Based on your experience with CYA, what are some of the benefits of spending a semester or summer abroad? How has studying abroad contributed to your personal, academic, and professional development?

One major benefit is the opportunity to meet a whole new group of people from across the country which has given me a wider perspective on college domestically speaking. However, the biggest benefit is the independence and growth that comes from living in a new country and culture. Although some students are more or less comfortable with living internationally, overall just moving to Greece pushes the limits of one's comfort zone. Experiencing a new city, country, culture, and language forces one to grow, adapt and learn whether they want to or not. From an academic standpoint, studying abroad provides you an opportunity to take classes you may not have had the opportunity to take at home, and in the case of CYA, many classes bring you out into the field regularly. You learn by actually visiting museums and seeing the artifacts you are studying. Studying abroad tears down the limits that domestic institutions have on learning, especially when it comes to things like Classics and Archaeology. CYA also provides its students with a number of professional opportunities, whether it be as a media lab intern, connecting students with professional networks through their professors, or providing guidance towards internships.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are interested in or planning to study abroad with CYA?

My primary advice to prospective students who are interested in studying with CYA would be, to DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN. Go on every trip, every optional activity, and extracurricular trip, and do as much as you can as time flies by. Take all the support and opportunities CYA offers to heart and do as much as you can with the truly special program that CYA is. Meet and spend time with the wonderful and supportive professors CYA has, and join the different affinity groups. Explore Athens, push your comfort zone, and see as many new things as possible. Overall I wish I knew how quickly time would fly by!

Briefly describe a cultural experience you had that was significant to you in any way.

A significant cultural experience I had was on the Island of Milos, where I was visiting over Spring Break. We happened to arrive on the night of Greek Easter, and while walking into town we encountered the Epitaphios procession. We saw the entire town processing down the road behind the cross. It was incredibly impactful and beautiful to observe, especially so unexpectedly. We enjoyed the following easter celebrations that included fireworks and general celebrations (especially the food!)

Favorite food in Greece?


Favorite class you took at CYA?

It would be Ancient Macedon to the Death of Alexander the Great taught by Professor Karavas.

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