Leslie Vasquez-Montesinos
Student Ambassador
Email: [email protected]
School:Wellesley College
Cya Term:Fall 2021
Anticipated Graduation:6/20/2025

Based on your experience with CYA, what are some of the benefits of spending a semester or summer abroad? How has studying abroad contributed to your personal, academic, and professional development?

new community independence teamwork learn how to manage different personalities when rooming and interactions with greeks who may be having a rough day problem solve communication skills

What advice do you have for prospective students who are interested in or planning to study abroad with CYA?

just do it you won't regret it you will get the academic support you need small classes are a plus you get to discover the country on your own and with CYA CYA staff are always available and can help in any area from food recommendations to reviewing essays food is amazing, very flexible

How was the political climate in Greece different from what are you used to? If applicable, describe a time when you had to navigate a political conversation during your time abroad.

From my own personal experience, I have not have had too many conversations in the Political climate area. From what I have seen there are many protests but nothing violent, from a conversation I had with a student at the protest, Greeks look very closely at the U.S but they don't want to be "like us".

Please select any of the following that apply to you, and that you would be willing to share about your CYA experience with other students:

Student of color, Finances while abroad

Briefly describe a cultural experience you had that was significant to you in any way.

I met people who are from Latin American at the gym, they have become great friends and I always look forward to seeing them every morning. I always say hi to my local pizzeria greek friend, this is significant to me because we took a chance to wave and smile which is not a big thing with greek to do with others especially Americans. Talking to my marble carving instructor is always a pleasure especially when we share a meal together after class.

Favorite food in Greece?

grilled pepper with cheese. Pita Gyro

Favorite class you took at CYA?

Art and Archeology

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