CYA Virtual Lecture Series

In our effort to stay connected with our community and engage with our students, alumni, friends, and partners, CYA is launching a series of virtual events and happenings. Through a series of virtual activities, lectures, webinars, and cultural/historical walks in Athens, we will be able to interact in ways different from what we previously knew.

CYA’s Virtual Lecture Series is a forum of exchanging thoughts in a virtual environment and a podium in which people related to CYA, and active in their community, are able to share their expertise or experience with a broader public.

Discover the VLS archive below:

American Humanitarianism Abroad: The Greek Commission of the American Red Cross and the American Friends of Greece Between the Wars

Crafts of the Sea: Boatbuilding, Fishing, and Seafaring in the Cyclades

Continuity and Change across the History of the Greek Language

Writing a Woman’s Life: Eva Palmer Sikelianos || Artemis Leontis & Nina Papathanasopoulou

Divided Monument, Dividing Monument: The controversy over the Parthenon Sculptures | A. Chaniotis

Daily Life on a Byzantine Frontier: The Skythian Dimension || John Karavas

Athens: Between the two World Wars || Bruce Clark

Tragedy of the Commons || Stathis Kalyvas & Alexis Phylactopoulos

The Greek Discovery of Practical Reason || Josiah Ober & Voula Tsouna

Smyrna, September 1922 || Lou Ureneck & Alexis Phylactopoulos

Between Pascal and Spinoza? Faith, Reason, and the Cambridge Platonists || Douglas Hedley

SMYRNA, 1922: The End of a Cosmopolitan City || Alexander Kitroeff & Fotini Christia

What’s in a Name? The History of Automated Name Recognition || Jack Hermansen

The Future of Classics || Mary R. Lefkowitz & Barbara Weiden Boyd

Culture as a driver for growth || Nicholas Yatromanolakis & Elaine Papoulias

Data Power to the People || Vassilis Papakonstantinou & Marina Hatsopoulos

Greece’s 1821 & America: A Message of Freedom || Alexander Kitroeff

Reflections on 1821 || Mark Mazower & Nicolas Prevelakis 

The Metamorphoses of Education Abroad || Brian Whalen & Hal Haskell

The Ancient Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry || Michael K. Kellogg & K. Chris Todd

Discovering the Universe || Dionysis Simopoulos & Catherine Vanderpool

Energy & Climate Change: Rhetoric & Reality || Raphael Moissis & Ulysses Kyriacopoulos

Connecting the Brain to Machines: from Pre-Socratics to Elon Musk | Nicho Hatsopoulos & John Pezaris

Democracy: Old & New || John Camp & John Karavas

Stereotypes and Realities: Reflections from Rural Greece || Michael Herzfeld & Aimee Placas

Exploring themes of Greek Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston || Christine Kondoleon & Phoebe Segal

Travels to Athens from Cyriac to Baedeker || Robert Pitt & Christine Harrison

The Intersection of Tech and Politics: 2020 Edition || Michail Bletsas & Elias Papaioannou

Plague Crisis Management: From Pericles to Capodistrias || Nanno Marinatos & Thanos Veremis