CYA Hellenic Executive Program

In partnership with HALC (Hellenic American Leadership Council), College Year in Athens has formed the CYA Hellenic Executive Program. The CYA Hellenic Executive Program, dedicated to bringing CYA’s rigorous academic profile in an online format, offers online educational seminars to all interested and who desire to further their knowledge on all topics associated with Greece, from ancient civilization to modern-day development.

Each seminar runs for six weeks, meeting once a week, on Saturdays at 12-noon ET for one hour, followed by an exchange of views between participants and the professor. Sessions typically last between sixty to ninety minutes and are held in a synchronous online teaching environment (via Zoom). Participants are given access to material on Moodle and a Zoom Link. After each session, a recording of the lecture is available to participants.

The Hellenic Executive Program has no formal education requirements, recognizing that participants come from diverse backgrounds and with varying experience in the subject of each Seminar; however, the Seminars are rigorous and require academic work.  A Certificate of Completion is issued to those who have attended all six sessions of the Seminar.


Greece Enters the Twentieth Century

Professor Alexander Kitroeff

Live OnlineFee US $300
Deadline28 Oct 2021
Date & TimeEvery Saturday at 12-noon Eastern Time for six weeks
Duration06 Nov 2021 – 18 Dec 2021 (no class on Thanksgiving weekend)
Award Upon CompletionCertificate of Participation
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Greece Enters the Twentieth Century
6 Nov. – 18 Dec. 2021

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The Emergence of the Modern Greek State
May 2021 – June 2021

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