You are lucky enough to live in one of Athens’ most desirable neighborhoods, only a 15-minute walk from Syntagma Square!

A neighborhood with past, present and future, a mix of the new and the old, Pangrati is among the most interesting, vibrant, artistic, youth-driven, diverse and multicultural neighborhoods in Athens!

Three of the most important Greek artists lived in Pangrati: George Seferis (poet- Nobel Prize in Literature 1963), Costas Varnalis (author), Manos Hadjidakis (renowned composer), whose’s houses can still be found in Pangrati.

Recently, it is experiencing a tourism boom, drawing in the hip and the foodie crowd. So here you will find plenty of shops, cafes, ethnic street food restaurants, dining areas, gastronomic surprises, tourist temptations, new cultural hangouts, squares full of life and, above all, interesting people!!

A walk in Pangrati

One of the most charming ways to make your way into the neighborhood is via the forested hills that float above the stadium and the rest of the city. Walk along Agras, then Archimidous street, and follow the winding path up through the pine and cypress trees to the top of Ardittos Hill, where a council of ancient Athenian judges once held court. Here you can see fragments of a shrine to Tyche, the ancients’ goddess of fortune, as well as a ravishing view of the Acropolis, the modern city and all the way out to sea.

Pangrati doesn’t have a uniform style; it’s not all picture-postcard neoclassical buildings, like Plaka, for example. It has a much more diverse architectural mix, from princely old villas, to mid-20th century apartment blocks and even some new, cutting-edge additions, like the BlueBuilding, a boutique apartment complex on Effranoros, with whimsical design elements by Greek artist Alekos Fassianos.

Things to do

Pangrati has attracted and inspired young people who want to experiment! Several shops have opened by new Greek fashion designers, innovative clothing boutiques with Athenian brands and more, art studios, sophisticated bookstores and shops with handmade items and jewelry.

In the area you will also find very interesting museums and cultural organizations such as the new Goulandris Art Museum (showcasing famous paintings by Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, etc), the National Gallery, the Byzantine and Christian Museum and its wonderful Garden, and the Athens Conservatory where many exhibitions, events and cultural activities are held.

It is a perfect place for cinema-lovers too! All around Pangrati one can find plenty of wonderful indoor as well as open-air cinemas! The retro neon glamour of Cinema Palas, which opened in 1925, hints at the neighborhood’s high-culture heritage (this small area once had 23 cinemas).


Pangrati has numerous squares! Proskopon, Varnava, Plastira, Pangratiou (“of Pangrati”) and Messolongiou are the most loved ones, bustling with cafes, bars, shops and young people!!

Park of Pangrati (Alsos)

Pangrati is really proud of this small park which was created in 1908, when locals planted a large section of land with pine trees! It is an oasis of greenery, ideal and safe for walks!! Park entrances are located on Eftihidou Street and at the junction of Eftihidou and Spyrou Merkouri Streets.

Farmer’s Market “Laiki Agora”

Every Friday on Archimidous street there’s a local farmer’s market, Laiki agora (as it is known). Laiki markets happen weekly in most neighborhoods and sell mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers and plants, as well as some household items. The laiki agora is considered an important social custom and tradition throughout Greece.

Nearby neighborhood of Mets

Right next to Pangrati, strictly speaking, a small section of the central suburb of Pangrati, there is the picturesque neighborhood of Mets, that has a charm on its own and it is definitely worth visiting! Strolling its backstreets or through the park, you’ll feel like you’re a world away from a bustling European capital, with all the associated cultural offerings. A great place to go for a leisurely walk to relax and sip a coffee or grab a bite in its sophisticated and cozy cafes!