Diversity & Inclusion

When students choose to study abroad, they come with the belief that learning about a society and perspective different from their own brings challenge, understanding, and growth. We at CYA believe that this diversity of perspective is found not just in learning about the societies past and present that have inhabited the region we today call Greece, but in the different identities and experiences that students themselves bring to our classrooms. We want to make sure that every student feels included and equally welcome.

Each society has its own history and contemporary context that create structures of exclusion, based in race, ethnicity, sexual preference and identity, gender, mental health, disability, socio-economic background, access to education, religion, and more. Many of our students have been affected by these types of exclusion in their home societies, and we want to make sure that these exclusions are never replicated within our institution. We view this as an ongoing and dynamic process, where we continuously review our academic curriculum, our extra-curricular activities, and our support systems to make sure that the diversity of identities and backgrounds that make up our student body receive acknowledgement, respect, and inclusion.

Higher education and studying abroad itself is a privileged practice that can be hard for many to access. Information on financial support in the form of scholarships and aid can be found here: Scholarships & Awards.

More information about resources for CYA students can be found at Diversity Resources.

More information about diversity in contemporary Greece can be found here: Diversity & Inclusion in Greek Society.