Mobile Phones

All CYA students are required to carry a mobile telephone with a Greek number. Students often find it easiest to arrange a phone plan once they arrive in Athens, and CYA makes every effort to assist them with these arrangements. Of course, you are also free to make phone plan arrangements independently before arrival or during orientation; just remember that the plan must include a Greek phone number.

You may either use a Greek SIM card with your own cell phone or obtain a new local mobile phone. If you plan to use your own smartphone with a Greek SIM card, your phone will need to be unlocked. This process depends on your US provider; some providers automatically unlock phones, but others require you to pay for your phone in full before it is unlocked. Contact your provider for details.

We know cell phone options in a new country can be confusing. If you have any questions (or even if you don’t think you do!), please see “Mobile Phone Tips” (in the “Greek Mobile Phone” section of the Accepted Student page) for an overview of your options and a list of helpful tips and apps. Student apartments are not equipped with telephones or wall jacks, so students who wish to place a “landline” call must use public pay phones or the student phone at the Academic Center.

The Academic Center offers plentiful wall jacks, and there is Wi-Fi service throughout for laptop users as well as Internet access in the computer labs.