Semester program fees include a main midday meal on weekdays (Monday through Friday), except on overnight field trips and during holidays and recesses. CYA dining facilities are located on the ground floor of the Academic Center. The daily menu includes a vegetarian option, and special meals are prepared for those with allergies or dietary restrictions such as vegan or gluten free. On overnight field trips, breakfast at the hotel is provided instead of lunch.

Summer Sessions:  Each course has a different itinerary and meals included vary depending on the daily schedule. Please see your respective Course Page(s) for more details about which meals are included.

Winter Session:  Meals are not included. Students are responsible for their own meals during the Winter Session.

Dietary Concerns:  Be sure to discuss your dietary needs with CYA’s Student Advisor during the Pre-Departure process.

Check our Diversity Resources page for more details and resources about special dietary meals in Athens.