Find out about CYA

First of all, thank you for the invaluable support you provide your students. You are our most valued resource for recruiting and preparing prospective CYA students since our program’s success is made possible by close collaboration with faculty and study abroad offices on university and college campuses. To strengthen our relationship with you – and to help you better advise your students – we strongly encourage site visits to our program in Athens.

The CYA website offers you the most up-to-date information about our programs and services. You can find detailed information by browsing the menu on the blue menu-bar on top under the Advisors & Faculty section. Please also feel free to reach out to our North American office with any questions you have – we are always happy to hear from you!

If you or a representative from your school would like to visit CYA, please contact our Director of Strategic Planning, Popi Triantafyllidou at [email protected]

Join this opportunity for a first-hand experience of the daily life of a CYA student:

  • Visit CYA’s Academic Center & Facilities and the Pangrati neighborhood.
  • Attend onsite lectures at the Acropolis Site, the Acropolis Museum, archaeological sites around Attica, Athens Historical Center, and other landmarks, led by CYA Faculty.
  • Meet CYA Faculty & Administration and discuss pertinent issues, like Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Greece.

What CYA offers your students

Combining excellent academics with an experiential approach to learning, we offer students an exciting and life-changing study abroad experience. Whether crawling along the scaffolding on the Erechtheion with the architect in charge of the Acropolis renovations or sitting in on a session of the Greek Parliament to gain insight into the current political situation, CYA students are able to develop new depth and vigor in their studies.

Our faculty are all highly qualified and experienced in teaching US students. Almost all faculty hold doctorates or terminal degrees and are active in their academic fields.

Our staff of dedicated professionals are available to offer outstanding support and encouragement to each student, from the first contact to the delivery of final transcripts. Counselors and advisors are always on hand to help students with any problems and to organize engaging extra-curricular activities. All the staff have an open-door policy and take pride in living up to the Greek tradition of hospitality.

Both faculty and staff are readily available to give advice to students not only about their studies but also how to more fully engage in the local community. We do everything possible to ensure that your students’ study abroad experience is both highly successful and immensely rewarding.

Greece itself, with its rich history and prominent role on the current political and economic scene, offers your students countless opportunities for hands-on learning.