Beginning Ancient Greek I (1st Semester)

Beginning Ancient Greek I introduces students to classical Greek, applying traditional as well as innovative methods. Students will become acquainted with the language, style, grammatical and syntactical structures which form the core of Attic Greek. Through a systematic and in-depth presentation of vocabulary and language forms students will develop your skills in reading, comprehension and translation of phrases and, eventually, small passages in classical Greek. Assisted by the instructor, students will also be encouraged to explore the impact of style and to discover the connections between linguistic features of Greek and modern languages which they already master.

Beginning classical languages at CYA offers students a unique opportunity to learn language in action. Our courses will not be confined to the classroom, which is usually reserved for language teaching, but, occasionally, they will take place outdoors. Visits to ancient sites (such as the Theater of Dionysus or the Odeion of Herod Atticus in Athens) and museums (e.g. the Epigraphical Museum, the Numismatic Museum, the National Archaeological Museum) will enhance and enrich the process of language learning, making the study of ancient Greek a vigorous experience.

NB: The “Beginning Ancient Greek I” course assumes no previous knowledge of Greek or other inflected languages.

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