Gender and Sexuality in Modern Greek Culture

How do social scientists approach the subjects of gender and sexuality?

What can students learn about life in modern Greece when we apply the lens of gender and sexuality to study the society there?

This course combines readings from across the social sciences and first-hand participant-observation research to answer these questions. We’ll be discussing gender and sexuality in their intersections in Greece with kinship, religion, economy, national and international politics, technology, medicine, modernity, ethnicity, and more, giving us a particular insight into important aspects of change (and continuity) in this region during the last century.

Students will be also be introduced to the methodologies of ethnographic research, providing you with the tools to enrich your experience in Greece through a sustained, focused, curious, and systematic engagement with the cultures you’re immersed in here (and with your own position here as a student/tourist/traveler/foreigner/gendered person). Additionally, in the research assignments, students will be introduced to aspects and spaces of society that they might not otherwise discover on their own.

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