A Changing World: Global and Regional Trends in the 21st Century

“A Changing World: Global and Regional Trends in the 21st Century” course focuses on unfolding events and trends in the regions of the eastern Mediterranean, Southeastern Europe (including Greece and Turkey) and the Black Sea region from the perspective of peace and conflict. Our course is also taking another dimension as it will be looking at the geopolitical dimensions of the economic crisis in Europe and the current turmoil in the Middle East. During this critical juncture for Europe and the greater region of the Middle East and North Africa.

The course’s main concern is conflict analysis (causes and consequences) with an emphasis on conflict prevention, management and resolution. It examines the reasons that contribute to the emergence and endurance of a conflict as well as the implications for regional and international peace and security. Moreover, the course examines different threats and challenges to international security such as terrorism and religious extremism. It also presents the different approaches to conflict analysis. In order to canvass the conceptual framework within which to analyze the case studies.

We will also examine and discuss the main trends and drivers that shape the region in the next 10 years. The focus will be on both existing and new facets of security. With the potential to disrupt a linear evolution of the security environment. As there is an obvious linkage with global trends and changes, there will be a brief reference to key global trends and drivers. (with an emphasis on the role of emerging powers and of non-state actors, population/demographic dynamics, economy, natural resources and technology). And their potential influence on regional developments.

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