Humanitarian Crises Today: Drivers, Response, Prospects

Humanitarian Crises Today: Drivers, Response, Prospects new course e1606211692806

In the face of continuing wars and conflicts, the effects of climate change/climate crisis and health emergencies, humanitarian needs across the globe have increased dramatically. What we call “humanitarian crises” have become today more complex and challenging to tackle. New needs have emerged added on traditional humanitarian needs such as food and shelter. At the same time, financial resources to respond to these needs have shrunk.

This course will examine the architecture of the international humanitarian system today, its characteristics, its shortcomings as well as methods of response to humanitarian needs and crises. Using first-hand experience, empirical evidence and specific case studies we will address two sets of questions: (1) what are the old and new drivers of humanitarian needs and crises? (2) What are effective methods of response to these crises? Finally, at the end of the course, will assess the lessons learned and look into the prospects for the future.

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