Tasting Culture: Nordic & Mediterranean Food, Tradition & Nutrition (Greece: Athens, island of Ikaria; Denmark: Copenhagen, Island of Samsø)

NOTE: This course starts in  Copenhagen, Denmark, and ends in Athens, Greece.

CYA and DIS [Study Abroad in Scandinavia] offer a joint summer course from July 3 to July 29,  2023, with two weeks in Copenhagen (including a short study tour to the island of Samsø) and two weeks in Athens (including a short study tour to the island of Ikaria). The course will be co-taught by  DIS and CYA faculty,  Anders Larsen and Aimee Placas.

Over four weeks, students will explore the cultural side of food. We eat to live, but food isn’t just about survival. We express who we are through our food. How we eat is also shaped by other forces, often invisible to us in our daily lives. Students will experientially bring this study to both Greece and Denmark, allowing them to understand both the commonalities and the differences that such forces bring to food and cuisine, as well as people’s imagination and inventiveness in creating something to eat.

APPLICATION:  To apply for this course, please use the DIS application portal

Application deadline: March 15

Course Details


This course requires a minimum enrollment of 15, with a maximum enrollment of 24.


60 contact hours

Essential Information
The course starts in Copenhagen  and ends in Athens. Students should book their transatlantic flights accordingly.

Transportation from Copenhagen to Athens in the middle of the course is included in the course fee.  Transportation for island study travel and day excursions is also included in the course fee.


This course involves extensive travel, including travel by air.  Be wary of overpacking.  Pack only what you can carry comfortably. It will also be useful to bring with you travel-size cosmetics.

The airline tickets from Copenhagen to Athens as well as the ones from Athens to the island of Ikaria are included in the course fee; however, luggage allowance is limited to the following:

For trans-European flights the limit is ONE checked-in piece, up to 23 kgs, plus ONE carry-on up to 8 kgs.  Students are advised to adhere to these luggage limits for their transatlantic flights as well,  in order to avoid overweight surcharges on the flight from Copenhagen to Athens.

For the flight from Athens to Ikaria the limit is ONE checked piece up to 20 kgs, plus 1 carry-on up to 8 kgs.  While in Greece students may leave luggage behind in their apartment and fly to Ikaria with only what they need for the trip.

Day-to-day Program & Itinerary

The day-to-day program and itinerary of the course are subject to change. Students are advised not to make plans for their free time or weekends in advance, as class schedules and site visits may be re-scheduled depending on local conditions.

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