The Art and Craft of Curating: Making Sense of Art in the 21st Century

“The Art and Craft of Curating” suggests an inquiry into the world of curating art in the 21st century. The course combines theory and history of curating with hands-on experience in curating a project with the instructor’s guidance. The term curating is derived from Latin verb curare which translates as to heal/ to take care of/ to attend to.

The course unravels the mechanisms through which curators make exhibitions happen whether they re-imagine contexts for existing works of art and/ or commission new artworks specifically produced/ installed for a show. Emphasis is placed on contemporary art and its curators, institutions, premises and principles, starting with the concept of the curatorial. Themes explored are, among others, history of museums and art institutions; theories of curating; the relationship between curator and artist; the premise of the white cube vs. the re-activation of historical spaces; curator-as-artist/ artist-as-curator; curator-artist-spectator.

With visits to art spaces, from national museums, to privately owned galleries, the students will learn first-hand how to curate an exhibition, covering all aspects, from coming up with a curatorial concept, to more practical issues, such as fundraising, promotion, liaising with artists and galleries, insurance, budget, installing art and all constituent elements of a successful show.

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