Study Abroad: Defining and Redefining ‘Duty of Care’ – Strategies for Cultivating Inclusive Campus Cultures

Description: In an era marked by post-pandemic disengagement and pervasive polarization, the obligation of duty of care emerges as a critical point for institutions grappling with the challenges of contemporary society. With emotions heightened and conflicts, both local and global, amplifying tensions, it is crucial to support students effectively, through the creation of an environment where students not only listen but truly engage, fostering deep connections that strengthen community bonds.
Education abroad offers a unique opportunity to instill values of respect for difference, empathy, and cultural humility. In this workshop, participants will explore practical strategies aimed at cultivating an inclusive and respectful campus culture, in order to fulfill our duty of care to those we serve/our students.


  • to clearly define, understand and articulate the concept of ‘Duty of Care’ in the context of study abroad programs
  • to identify and acknowledge challenges related to political polarization and disengagement among international students
  • to provide practical strategies and solutions for fostering a safe, inclusive, respectful campus culture during study abroad


  • Define Duty of Care – Participants will gain a concrete understanding of the impact of ‘Duty of Care’ and practical applications for study abroad.
  • Empower Participants – Participants will acquire a toolkit of actionable strategies to mitigate political polarization and disengagement, fostering a positive study abroad environment.
  • Develop Actionable Strategies – Participants will collaboratively brainstorm and develop actionable strategies and initiatives to enhance duty of care efforts on study abroad campuses, focusing on tangible steps that can be taken to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and equity.
  • Promote Dialogue & Engagement – Participants will engage in open dialogue, establishing connections with peers, experts, and resources for ongoing support and collaboration in implementing ‘Duty of Care’ measures.
  • Examine Current Practices – Participants will assess current ‘Duty of Care’ strategies and practices on campus, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in promoting inclusivity and addressing the needs of diverse student populations.
  • Explore Best Practices – Participants will share examples of best practices from other institutions and organizations for cultivating inclusive campus cultures and supporting the well-being of all students, faculty and staff.

Expected Takeaways:

  • Clarity on the role of study abroad experiences in ‘Duty of Care’.
  • Practical strategies for creating inclusive environments.
  • Customized action plans for immediate implementation.
  • Networking opportunities for ongoing support and collaboration.