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14 Apr 2020

How Has Greece Been Handling the COVID-19 Crisis?

The overwhelming impact of COVID-19 has been felt all over the world. Many have lost their prospects, careers, homes, and most devastatingly, their lives. As healthcare and other essential workers bravely face the pandemic head-on, and support those currently fighting the virus, many around the world are staying at home in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. We send thanks and support to all of those in the U.S. and around the world that are aiding in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, the Greek government took proactive measures to ensure the health and safety of its citizens. Early in the COVID-19 crisis, Greek authorities collaborated with health officials to put procedures in place that would limit the number of new transmissions in the country, avoid an overwhelming of the Greek healthcare system, and, most importantly, prevent many deaths.

The international press, including outlets like CNN, The Independent, The Guardian and Bloomberg have outlined Greece’s response to the novel coronavirus in various articles published recently. A theme in many of the aforementioned articles is the Greek people’s wide acceptance and adherence to the stay at home order issued by the Greek government. The impact of this order can be seen by the many photographs that have been published of Athens, usually a bustling city full of people, completely empty.

Tourism has also been the focus of much discussion. How will COVID-19, which has impacted global tourism, affect Greece’s largest industry? The “Greece from Home”  initiative started by the Greek National Tourism Organization,  aims to keep users from around the world connected to the beauty of the Greek landscape virtually.

You can read more about Greece’s response to COVID-19 in the articles linked below:

“In late February, before Greece had recorded its first death, carnival parades were canceled. On 10 March, several weeks before the rest of Europe, schools were ordered closed. Within days, bars, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, gyms, malls, cinemas, retail stores, museums and archaeological sites were also shuttered.” (

“The [Greek] government imposed severe social distancing measures at a much earlier stage of the epidemic than other southern European countries. For now, this swift reaction has helped Greece avoid the tragic healthcare crisis that richer states are facing.” (

“Someone commented that it’s a surprise Greeks have been so disciplined but really it’s not. When you say hello in Greek you say ‘health’, when you say goodbye you say ‘health’, our general benediction in conversation is health.” (

“Several European countries have been badly hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, but Greece took action early on and it seems to be working.” (