CYA @ The Athens Authentic Marathon 2016 cya volunteers
05 Nov 2016

CYA @ The Athens Authentic Marathon 2016

A record number of 50,000 people participated in this year’s Athens Authentic Marathon which was held this past Sunday November 13. Runners followed the 42 km route from the town of Marathon, in northeast Attica, to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. The route tracks the original journey that runner Pheidippides took in 490 b.c., bringing his heroic message of the Athenian victory over the Persians in the Battle of Marathon before his tragic death.

Congratulations to all our CYA and CSB/SJU students who participated in record numbers this year, including the numerous volunteers, what a great achievement!

42km Authentic Marathon Runners

Nicole Derby

Judith Pickering

Weston Liefer

Mia Dana

Helen Hope

Hannah Barnes

Justin Brendel

Hannah Hoover

Lauren Montieth

Elizabeth Donlon


Michael Kelley

Kathryn Thamann

Rachel Ogren (CSB/SJU)

Sarah Stark ( CSB/SJU)

Olivia Bush ( CSB/SJU)

Madalyn Anderson ( CSB/SJU)


Annabelle Zhuno

Nicole Petrow

Rachel Shafer

Keanu Hallowell

Lauren Noel ( CSB/SJU)

Kacie Limesand ( CSB/SJU)

Kirsten Makela ( CSB/SJU)

Alicia Christians ( CSB/SJU)

Kristina Rudin ( CSB/SJU)

Jacob Wankel ( CSB/SJU)

Devon Deanovic (CSB/SJU)

Jake Brand ( CSB/SJU)