CYA Virtual Lecture Series
10 Jun 2020

CYA Virtual Lecture Series

In our effort to stay connected with our community and engage with our students, alumni, friends, and partners, CYA is launching a series of virtual events and happenings.  Through a series of virtual activities, lectures, webinars, and cultural/historical walks in Athens, we will be able to interact in ways different from what we previously knew.

On June 10, 2020 07:00 PM Athens, we invite you to join us in attending, online, a discussion on Plague Crisis Management: From Pericles to Capodistrias.

Register in advance for this meeting here

Our speakers, Professor at CYA and Professor Emerita of Classics & Mediterranean Studies at the University of Illinois, Prof. Nanno Marinatos, and CYA Trustee Emeritus and Professor of Political History Emeritus at the University of Athens, Prof. Thanos Veremis, will discuss the handling of contagious illnesses in Athens from the Pericles era in 439BC to Greece’s War of Independence and Capodistria’s leadership.  The moderator of the discussion will be CYA Professor of Sociology, Rosa Vasilaki, and CYA’s President, Alexis Phylactopoulos, will introduce the session.