New Art and Anthropology Course on Modern Athens vourloumi
03 May 2016

New Art and Anthropology Course on Modern Athens

Hypatia Vourloumis
For a second year, Dr. Hypatia Vourloumis will be teaching a new Art/Anthropology course titled Modern Athens: Space, Art and Urban Cultures. By engaging with artistic, cultural and architectural formations of contemporary Athens (such as music, graffiti, performance, and film), students will trace the city’s history and examine larger questions surrounding nationhood, identity, and modernity.

The course will also emphasize the huge artistic presence in Athens leading up to the largest contemporary art exhibition in the world, Documenta 14: Learning from Athens, which will take place in Athens in 2017. Inspired by the resilience of the city and people of Athens, artists have flooded to the area to engage with the city’s spirit, bringing incredible artistic attention to Greece. This is the first time in the exhibition’s 70-year history that Documenta will take place outside of Germany. Dr. Vourloumis’ course will allow students to fully experience this exceptional moment in Athens’ timeline.