New Summer Course on Migration migrants
05 Mar 2016

New Summer Course on Migration

This summer, CYA students will be able to take part in a new, very relevant summer course called The Global Governance of Migration: Emerging Responses to Irregular Migration. As the title indicates, the course willcover emerging responses to irregular migration, particularly maritime irregular migration to the EU, from a critical and comparative perspective.

CYA courses are designed to bring students on-site to locations relevant to their studies, and this summer course is no exception; the class will travel to the island of Lesvos, currently a main disembarkation point for irregular migrants transiting from Turkey, and students will also spend a few days in Brussels, the center of European decision-making. Migration is an important topic of current global interest, and we know participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills from this unique course. For more information, please see the course syllabus, available online now!