07 Apr 2012

Panel discussion on the Greek Crisis

The latest CYA-sponsored lecture was a panel discussion which included two members of the CYA staff.

It was the second installment of a three-part series on the Greek crisis, entitled, “An analysis of the causes and repercussions of the current political and economic crisis.” CYA professors Ritsa Panagiotou and Aimee Placas were joined by Phillip Carabott, for a panel discussion in which each individual provided an analysis on the effects of the crisis from the viewpoint of their particular field of interest. Professor Ritsa Panagiotou, who teaches a CYA course on the European Union, spoke about “The Five Things You Need to Know About the Eurozone Crisis”, where she discussed the key events that led to the crisis, the elements of the bail-out package and the prospects for Greece today. Professor Aimee Placas, who teaches Ethnography courses at CYA, spoke about “The Crisis and Social Movements”, where she discussed new political, consumer and non-political citizenship groups that have formed since 2008. Lastly, Phillip Carabott, Cyprus Hellenic Foundation Lecturer at Kings College in London, gave a talk on “The Art of Ill Will: A Greek Cartoonist’s Take on the Crisis”, where he used 40 cartoons, from January of this year to the present, to illustrate how cartoons can perpetuate feelings of the Greeks as victims and the EU/Euro Bank as the aggressor.

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