Chloe DerGarabedian
Student Ambassador
Email: [email protected]
School:University of Southern California
Cya Term:Spring 2024
Major:Environmental Studies and NGOs & Social Change
Anticipated Graduation:5/1/2025

Spending a semester in Greece has been one of my favorite experiences ever! I have made so many wonderful lifelong friends and experienced so many new things in my four months at CYA. I tried new foods, went to iconic historical sights, participated in Greek nightlife, and experienced the political atmosphere. Additionally, through my classes, I was able to develop new interests. I had never studied architecture before, but while abroad I took two architecture classes that I absolutely loved. I realized that I have a strong interest in this field and plan on continuing to explore that in my professional career!

What advice do you have for prospective students who are interested in or planning to study abroad with CYA?

I was really nervous about studying abroad alone because I was unsure if I would find friendships as special as the ones I had at home. I wish I had gone into the program more realizing that most other people also felt this way! Everyone seemed confident the first few weeks, which made me feel even more anxious, but once I began to make friends I realized that most people were also nervous. I advise prospective students to remember that you are not alone and will make friends, even if it feels like some people are making them faster!

How was the political climate in Greece different from what are you used to? If applicable, describe a time when you had to navigate a political conversation during your time abroad.

Greece is very politically active, especially in terms of demonstrations. I did not know what to expect as far as protests here, but they happen more frequently than I presumed they would. But, the staff always kept us aware of anything that was happening in the city, which I found extremely helpful.

please select any of the following that apply to you, and that you would be willing to share about your CYA experience with other students:

Dietary restrictions, First-time international traveler, LGBTQIA+ student, Mental health

Briefly describe a cultural experience you had that was significant to you in any way.

Favorite food in Greece?

Definitely a halloumi gyro!

Favorite class you took at CYA? 

Cultural Landscapes! The professors took us all around the Attica region to observe and assess landscapes, and I learned a lot of interesting information about Greece!

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