Susannah H. Snowden-Smith CYA ’94
Class Agents
Email: [email protected]
CYA Class Agent Year/Program :1994
College Attended:Wheaton College
Major: Anthropology Archaeology and Ancient Art History

Favorite class you took at CYA?

Ancient Greek Art and Sculpture & Ancient Greek Architecture!

How did your study abroad experience with CYA contribute to your personal, academics and professional development?

Briefly: CYA changed my life! I grew as a person and expanded my horizons. It was my first time traveling abroad, and exposed me to a different city and culture and immersed me in the ancient Greek history I had been craving. The experience I had there opened doors to me, and I've been traveling and living abroad as a result. I went to CYA with the goal of becoming an underwater archaeology photographer; CYA set me on the road to this, giving me a thorough background in classical art history and archaeology, and I was able to pursue my photography during school trips.

What is your favorite memory of Athens?

SO many!!! It is my favorite place in the world!

Photo Credit: Kizilburun, Turkey. Susannah H. Snowden just after surfacing from a dive on the Kizilburun underwater archaeology excavation in Turkey. She is holding her underwater camera and strobes. Photograph by Eric Kemp.

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