CYA Faculty Chatzikonstantinou Evangelia

Evangelia Chatzikonstantinou

  • PhD (NTUA Greece)
  • Environmental Studies (ENVR)
  • Urbanism & Sustainability (URBS)


Dr. Evangelia Chatzikonstantinou is an Architect (AUTH, Greece) with a MA in Urban and Regional Planning (NTUA, Greece) and a PhD in Urban History (NTUA, Greece). She received her PhD in 2014 with a fellowship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation.

Her PhD thesis examines mobility infrastructure planning and construction in Greece and analyzes the socio-spatial dynamics that made roads in the longue durée the most important symbols of Greek modernization. Her current research focuses on the transformations of Athens in the context of the crisis.

Her main research interests include urban development processes, socio‐spatial inequalities, environmental planning and urban policies. She has recently conducted a research project about the emerging geographies of energy poverty and social inequalities in Athens that was funded by John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. She has also participated in several research projects at the Urban Environment Lab NTUA, has worked at the Organization for the Regulatory Plan of Athens, as an Assistant Lecturer at NTUA, and as a Lecturer at the Plato Academy Educational Program of the University of Athens.