Green Bailey B Green

Bailey Green

  • PhD (U of California Berkeley)
  • Environmental Studies (ENVR)


Franklin Bailey Green is an environmental engineer, inventor, and consultant working on sustainable, nature-based solutions for wastewater reclamation and resource recovery. He earned his BA in Religion and Economics and his MA in English at Wake Forest University; his MDiv in Environmental Ethics at Yale Divinity School; and his MS and PhD in Energy & Resources at UC Berkeley. Dr. Green led wastewater reclamation and bioremediation research at the Environmental Engineering & Health Sciences Laboratory and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at UC Berkeley. Co-inventor of three patents, Dr. Green is an expert on wastewater reclamation, energy and nutrient recovery, indirect and direct potable reuse of recycled water. He has worked on the design of municipal wastewater reclamation facilities in Australia, India, South Africa, and the USA.