Nakas Ioannis Nakas photo 1

Ioannis Nakas

  • PhD (U of Birmingham)
  • Archaeology (ARCH)


Ioannis Nakas holds a BA in Archaeology and History from the University of Ioannina, an MA in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton (Honors) and a PhD from the University of Birmingham. His scientific interests include ancient and medieval ships and seamanship, Hellenistic and Roman harbours, transport amphorae, and fortifications, on which he has published many articles, as well as a monograph based on his PhD thesis on Hellenistic and Roman harbours of the Aegean. Since 2023 he is research fellow of the Centre of Hellenic Studies in Harvard University, where he studies the Roman harbours of Epirus, and of the University of Haifa, where he studies the methods employed by Aegean vernacular ships for using harbours based on photographic evidence (1850-1950). He has also been recipient of various grants and scholarships.

He has worked form many years as a contracted archaeologist for the Greek Archaeological Service, but also as a maritime archaeologist, diver, and surveyor for several underwater projects (Zea, Lechaion, Delos). He has also taught maritime archaeology to US students in Rhodes and classical archaeology at the University of Birmingham.

Ioannis has many years of experience in archaeological drawing. He has been a collaborator of the Greek Archaeological Service in many places such as Ioannina, Nicopolis, Delfi, and Corinth, as well as of various foreign schools and universities such as the French, German, and Swiss Schools, the Universities of Saint-Louis, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, and Toronto. He was worked in some of the most important excavations and archaeological sites of Greece, such as Messene, Iklaina, Argos, Sparta, Kerameikos, Eretria, and Malia. His work includes all kinds of archaeological drawing (pottery, lithic tools, architecture), as well as artwork related with the reconstruction of monuments and the creation of exhibitions in museums and educations programs.