CYA Semester / Year Tuition and Fees




Tuition $19,400 Tuition & Fees $34,000
Student Life & Housing $4,600 Student Life & Housing $9,200
Meals $1,500 Meals $3,000

Depending on your home college/university, your cost for the billable fees above may be different.  Be sure to check with your study abroad office.

Full year students receive a 25% reduction on tuition for the second semester and are permitted to stay in CYA housing, at no extra charge, during the interval between semesters.

Public University Scholarships 

Students from public universities in the United States and Canada will receive an automatic scholarship of $3,000 per semester. They are also eligible to apply for a CYA Supplemental Scholarship.

What’s Included

The Tuition coves:

  • Tuition (four or five courses per semester)
  • Field study (including entrance fees to sites and museums)
  • Academic Advising, Administration & Support
  • Use of course materials during the semester
  • In-class guest lectures and academic workshops
  • Transcript sent to home institution

The Student Life and Housing fee covers:

  • Housing accommodations (mostly double rooms) in residential apartments  rented and maintained by CYA.
  • Supplemental hospitalization insurance
  • Student Support services
  • Pre-departure material
  • Arrival day airport meet-and-assist services
  • Orientation and acculturation activities
  • Free Internet access at the Academic Center and in student apartments
  • Assistance in obtaining Greek telephone numbers
  • Extracurricular activities

The fee for Meals covers:

A mid-day meal Monday through Friday, except on field study, holidays and recesses. During field study, Breakfast at the hotel is included.

Program fees do not cover personal travel (including travel between home and Athens), meals other than those mentioned above, costs associated with obtaining a student visa and residence permit, personal belongings insurance, medical care not covered under the program’s supplemental hospitalization insurance, personal expenses and incidentals (see Semester Estimated Budget).

Students living with relatives in Athens are charged for Meals and Student Life but not for housing. For more information please contact us at [email protected]

Students are encouraged to consult with their home institutions about total costs: some schools charge an additional administrative fee for off-campus study, while others keep students fully enrolled and charge regular on-campus fees.