Advanced Modern Greek II

Advanced Modern Greek (MGKL 301-302) for those with a relative proficiency in the language or who have completed at least 200 hours of instruction. Students will discuss a variety of topics in class of cultural and professional interest; read literary texts and newspaper articles; make in-class presentations on a variety of topics; acquire complicated grammatical structures and develop their writing skills by practicing more extensive prose; engage in extended discussions on a wide range of cultural, professional and specialized topics of their interest. At the same time students will be involved in projects in the city and the surrounding areas to a variety of topics of their interest (e.g. life in Greece, social structures and gender roles, people’s interactions, environment, traveling, music etc.); will be exposed to social structures, communicate with the local population and conduct interviews; follow programs of their interest (e.g. podcasts) and watch films and other TV programs.

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