Beginning Latin II

Beginning Latin introduces students to classical Latin. Students will become acquainted with the language, style, and grammatical and syntactical structures which form the core of classical Latin. Through a systematic and in-depth presentation of vocabulary and language forms, students will develop their skills in the reading, comprehension and translation of phrases and, eventually,short texts. Assisted by the instructor, students will also be encouraged to explore the impact of style and to discover the connections between the linguistic features of Latin and the modern languages which they have already mastered.

Apart from the exercises in our textbook, students who will begin Latin at CYA will have the opportunity to develop their language skills through additional quizzes, puzzles and language-games, designed especially for them. We consider active teaching and learning as vital in order to support and boost the memorization and acquisition of this demanding but also fascinating language. Another innovative element of the course is that the material used will consist not only of literary sources, but also of short inscriptions carved in a variety of media (e.g. stone, ostraca, vases) and simple texts written on coins and papyri.

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