Beginning Modern Greek Language and Culture

Elementary Modern Greek Language and Culture (MGKL101-C) for those with no or very little knowledge of the language. By the end of the course, students will be able to handle orally daily life situations (introducing oneself, describing family, ordering coffee and food, making reservations, shopping, requesting and understanding directions etc); will acquire daily vocabulary and basic grammatical structures; and will also be able to write simple letters and short paragraphs.

During the course, students along with the language instruction, discuss varied topics related to Modern Greek Society and Culture (family and society structure, politics, customs and religion, music, art and literature etc.), and visit a few areas of Athens. This course has a heavier load than the regular language class (MGKL 101) since it requires the completion of the language material and additional readings in English related to the cultural topics of the course, two oral presentations and two papers of 6-8 pages.

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