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06 Nov 2018

Walking through History

CYA class has the rare opportunity to go inside the Parthenon!

“The Topography and Monuments of Athens” course offers a comprehensive overview of the topography, archaeology and history of Athens, focusing particularly on the great monuments of the Classical and Roman city.

True to the CYA philosophy of learning beyond the classroom and taking advantage of the rich environment of Greece, this is an exclusively site-based course. Students visit all of the major –and many minor– sites around Athens, including the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, the Epigraphic Museum, Kerameikos Cemetery and many more.

One of the highlights of the course so far has been the chance to go inside the Parthenon and visit the restoration works in progress there. It is one of the many ways Professor Pitt tries to bring the ancient Greeks to life for CYA students: “In meeting an architect inside the Parthenon to discuss new discoveries made while restoring that great symbol of Athens, our students are faced with the physical remains of those ancient people whose writings they know, but who until then seemed somehow distant and unreal”.

Here are the photos from the memorable visits to the Parthenon and the Sanctuary of Nike:

Walking through History Visiting the restoration works in progress inside the Parthenon

Visiting the restoration works in progress inside the Parthenon

Walking through History CYAers step into the Sanctuary of Athena Nike edited

CYAers step into the Temple of Nike

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On-Site Presentation by CYAer Heidi Thompson: The Sanctuary of Athena Nike.

Walking through History View from the Propylaia edited

At the Propylaia

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Acropolis photo by CYA student Kalei Oliver