CYA Virtual Lecture Series
08 Jul 2020

CYA Virtual Lecture Series || July 8, 2020

Travelers have been visiting Athens to see its antiquities since the 15th century.

On Wednesday 8 July 2020, at 12 p.m. (EST) / 7 p.m. (Athens), CYA’s Virtual Lecture Series guest speaker, CYA professor Robert K.Pitt, will investigate a number of early travelers to understand why and how they came to the city and will explore how travel literature came to change and direct the experiences of visitors up to the 20th century. 

Facilitating the discussion will be Christine Harrison, who teaches the CYA course Becoming a Traveler: Writing on Greece.

To participate in this live discussion, please register on Zoom today. Or you may tune in on our Facebook Live event on the day and time of the event.


Robert K. Pitt

Greek historian and epigraphist

CYA professor

Robert Pitt is a Greek historian and epigraphist of the Classical and Hellenistic periods, whose research interests include the Athenian Empire, Athenian Topography, and the financing and administration of public building projects in the Greek world.

His latest research includes a new corpus of the Athenian funerary monuments of the British Museum, as well as a series of publications on early travelers to Greece whose archival papers he has been working on are at the British Library.  As a site epigraphist, he has worked on excavations in Greece, Turkey and Albania.

Robert Pitt joined CYA in 2014 following seven years as Assistant Director of the British School at Athens.

Christine Harrison

CYA professor

Christine Harrison holds a PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK) on contemporary literary representations of the early modern period. 

Her current research interests center on representations of space and place in contemporary fiction and literary non-fiction, uses of the past in contemporary debates on gender and ethnicity, rewritings of medieval and early modern literature, and the role of onsite learning in higher education.

At CYA she is both a member of the faculty (Literature) and the Academic Skills Adviser.