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24 Jun 2020

CYA Virtual Lecture Series || June 24, 2020

CYA’s Virtual Lecture Series is pleased to present a live presentation featuring CYA Trustee Michail Bletsas, Research Scientist & Director of Computing at MIT’s Media Lab.

Join us on Wednesday 24 June 2020, at 12 pm (EST) / 7 pm (Athens) for a  lecture-discussion on The Intersection of Technology and Politics in today’s reality.

2020 ended up being a very eventful year and we are barely halfway through it. As more and more people realize the role that technology plays in their lives, there seems to be a qualitative change of its intersection and interaction with politics. The largely parallel paths of the past seem to intersect and collide with an increasing frequency. Just another consequence of the general acceleration or an inflection point? 

To participate in this live discussion, please register on Zoom today. Or you may tune in on our Facebook Live event on the day and time of the event. 



Michail Bletsas

Director of Computing, MIT Media Lab

Member of the CYA Board of Trustees

Michail Bletsas is a Research Scientist and the Director of Computing at MIT’s Media Lab where he has been working since 1996. He is responsible for all the infrastructure that the lab uses to produce, store, transport and consume its bits. He was a member of the core technical and design team for the “One Laptop Per Child” initiative which created OLPC’s pioneering, award-winning “XO” laptop. His current research interests include network security, wireless networks and building efficient high performance machine learning computing infrastructures.

Over the years, he has advised governments around technology policy issues and provided expert opinion in technical matters to top-level officials. He has co-founded two companies, has been a director and consulted for many others in a variety of capacities.

He has implemented broadband access networks using cutting-edge technologies including one of the earliest ADSL testbeds and various wireless technologies.  Mr. Bletsas has been a frequent keynote speaker in international conferences and has been engaged in many civic activities.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University.