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25 Sep 2017

Opportunities to Learn while Traveling Throughout Greece

CYA Semester trips to Andros & Crete

Educational travel is key at CYA, and as such, we provide students with several opportunities to learn while traveling throughout Greece. Each semester all students participate in 3 academic field trips. There are also three other optional trips combining learning and travel. More on those later in the semester!

Following our coverage of first orientation field trip to Delphi and Mt. Parnassus, here’s a look at what students got up to on their most recent trips to Andros and Crete!

Optional trip to the island of Andros 8-10 September

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Dr. Demetrios Kritsotakis and Andros insider Dr. Lida Triantafillidou led students on a 3-day exploration of the Island of Andros. Based in the capital town of Hora, students visited Korthi where they learned about sustainable energy and made scale models of water and wind turbines. They explored the Castle of Faneromeni, the archaeological site of Ypsili and visited the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. Students went behind the scenes to see how olive mills operate and even got to try it out for themselves at the olive museum of Pitrofos.  As well as visiting the Panahrantou Monastery, students also got to immerse themselves in the island culture, taste traditional dishes and products and enjoy daily swims at beautiful beaches of the island.

Academic field-trip to Crete 13-16 September

Opportunities to Learn while Traveling Throughout Greece IMG 1484 e1506341890677All CYA students embarked on their second academic field trip to Crete of four full days of learning and exploration combining archaeology, history, and nature. The trip involved visits to archaeological sites, monuments, museums, picturesque landscapes and breathtaking coastlines.

Professors Steven Diamant, John Karavas, Demetrios Kritsotakis, Hüseyin Öztürk, and Angelos Papadopoulos led students on an immersive academic exploration of the Island. Starting off in Heraklion they visited ancient Minoan settlements comparing the partly restored sites of the Palace of Knossos and the Palace of Phaistos, as well as other archaeological sites such as Fourni cemetery and the Minoan complex at Vathypetro. Students journeyed to the island of Spinalonga uncovering its rich and varied past and toured the Arkadi Monastery, learning about its important historical significance in the Cretan rebellion. The last day on the island involved a guide-led hike through the breathtaking Gorge of Imbros, giving students a chance to take in the exceptional natural beauty of Crete.

Throughout the trip, students enjoyed swims at some of the most beautiful beaches in Crete and got to taste some of the finest authentic Cretan dishes at local tavernas.

For a student perspective, read Media Lab Intern Arianna’s Blog and check out our Crete and Andros photos on Flickr.

Crete Video:  By Media Lab Intern Alexa Palomo