07 Jun 2018

Pangrati: The Authentic Athens

Discover Pangrati through the eyes of CYA student Will Feuer. Athens Insider magazine hosted Will’s report on his favorite Athenian neighborhood, highlighting the very close connection between Pangrati and CYA. Our school was established here back in 1962 and for more than 5 decades American students have been living among and with the locals, creating a truly cosmopolitan feel.

The piece takes us on a tour to the best Pangrati has to offer today, from all-time-classics to new trendy spots, including restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries and bookstores.

Pangrati: The Authentic Athens Pangrati street scene

Pangrati street scene

More importantly, Will manages to capture very accurately the neighborhood’s many contradictions and wonders upon its future transformation. Energetic but peaceful, retro and trendy, green and urban who can tell how this lovely part of Athens will evolve in the future? “I only hope it doesn’t change too much as there is little room for improvement” Will concludes.

Pangrati: The Authentic Athens Alsos Park

Alsos Park

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