CYA Welcomes Fall Semester 2017! O-week Special DSC 0425
11 Sep 2017

CYA Welcomes Fall Semester 2017! O-week Special

Welcome to CYA, class of fall 2017!

It was a great first week here at CYA, as we kicked off fall semester by welcoming 110 students from over 50 schools across the U.S, all set to embark on the marvelous voyage of study abroad in Greece. This fall semester’s students are as usual a brilliant bunch of young people willing and eager to immerse themselves in one of the most exciting academic and personal experiences of a lifetime.

Orientation Week

CYA Welcomes Fall Semester 2017! O-week Special DSC 0442

Orientation week is always an incredibly vital stage of the study abroad journey and the thrilling buzz of activity in the CYA academic center during the week is truly something to behold. Throughout the week, we carefully organized fun and informative activities to help make the transition for students as smooth as possible. Students took part in a variety of activities including short seminars to gather essential information about health, safety, cultural awareness, administration, and academics. They also went on neighborhood walks around Pangrati and participated in Survival Modern Greek, a crash course in the basics to help students feel confident to take on their new surroundings!

U.S. Ambassador’s Garden Party
CYA Welcomes Fall Semester 2017! O-week Special DSC 0046

In addition to the regular orientation activities, this semester, students, staff and faculty were treated to an extra special Garden Party hosted by the U.S Ambassador to Greece Mr. Geoffrey Pyatt and his wife, Mrs. Mary Pyatt. The party was held to honor CYA for its contribution to education and to show their appreciation and support for the work we do to strengthen the educational ties between the two countries. The Ambassador gave a welcome talk stressing the long standing close relationship between Greece and the U.S., while guests enjoyed a most delicious BBQ under the perfect summer night sky. Some students even took a dip in the pool, clothes and all! Check out our Facebook photo album for all the snapshots from the party!

The First Orientation Field Trip to Delphi and Mt. Parnassus
CYA Welcomes Fall Semester 2017! O-week Special DSC 0408

For the very first time, we held a 2-day orientation academic field trip to Mt. Parnassus with a visit to the unique site of Delphi! It was such an incredible experience for all great.  The exciting educational aspect of visiting the Monastery of Ossios Loukas and archaeological site of Delphi with expert faculty partnered with an evening of unique orientation activities at Elatos Resort in the Mountain of Parnassos, turned out to be a huge success.

See the full report about the Delphi & Mt. Parnassus field trip here!