Thank you to All Our Partners for a Successful Fall 2018 Fair Season! (video) Adiya King and three ambassadors at UNC edited
21 Nov 2018

Thank you to All Our Partners for a Successful Fall 2018 Fair Season! (video)

This fall CYA participated in 85 Study Abroad Fairs across the U.S., promoting the life-changing experience of living and studying in Greece. For more than two months, our tireless team was on the road, engaging with partners and students and spreading the word about the benefits of studying abroad.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the Study Abroad Offices and their colleges and universities that hosted us during this period. We appreciate their contribution to recruiting and preparing prospective CYA students – our program’s success is only made possible through this close collaboration!

Thank you too to our Student Ambassadors and Alumni, who represented CYA at all the recruiting events and fairs. Their enthusiasm and love for Greece and CYA truly made a difference this fair season. It is their sharing of personal CYA stories with interested students on their home campuses that plays a vital role in communicating the CYA Study Abroad experience.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the Campus Travel Representatives for their invaluable support. Over the past couple of months, they became an integral part of the CYA team, helping us build partnerships with colleges and universities across the US and recruit a record number of students. Their enthusiasm, passion and hard work are exceptional!