Nora Weiss
Student Ambassador
Email: [email protected]
School:George Washington University
Cya Term:Fall 2023
Major:Political Science and Psychology
Anticipated Graduation:5/11/2024

Based on your experience with CYA, what are some of the benefits of spending a semester or summer abroad? How has studying abroad contributed to your personal, academic, and professional development?

Studying at CYA entirely changed my outlook on study abroad. I am in a slighly unique situation because this is my second abroad program, and last semester I studied in Amsterdam. My experience last semester was not ideal, and I was very isolated and alone. Because of that, I was very nervous about going abroad for a second time, but I had hope, given the amazing things I heard from my friend about CYA. I cannot emphasize enough that CYA transformed my life. Before this semester, I had just accepted that I just didn't have it in me to pick up and move to a new place, and that I would never have the glamorized study abroad experience that others did. It is safe to say I learned I was completely wrong. This semester, I have been happier than ever before in my life. I came without knowing anyone, and now, I have the best friends of my life that mean the absolute world to me. I am thriving in a way I never knew I was capable of. These few months have been the most memorable of my entire life, and I have learned so much about myself. I have been able to see myself evolve into a much more confident, optimistic, and independent person. I have learned that I am capable of incredible things, and that difficult challenges are the most rewarding types of experiences. I have also learned that setbacks are a part of life, but if you're brave enough, you can overcome anything. My life would not be the same without CYA, and I am forever grateful for this experience.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are interested in or planning to study abroad with CYA?

I would encourage ANYONE to do this program. Once again, I cannot say enough positive things about this semester. I would tell everyone that it is the perfect program to immerse yourself in another culture while still having an amazing support system and safety net. In retrospect, I wish someone would have told me to not be nervous and to just trust the process. I don't know anyone who regretted coming to CYA. I genuinely think it is the best possible program to study abroad with, and I would recommend it to anyone considering it.

please select any of the following that apply to you, and that you would be willing to share about your CYA experience with other students:

Dietary restrictions, Finances, STEM major, Working part-time while abroad (I worked 20 hours/week while here, so I can speak a lot to time management and balancing other commitments)

Briefly describe a cultural experience you had that was significant to you in any way.

The Greek music and dancing festival was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Learning the traditional dances on the spot was so much fun and I really felt immersed in the Greek culture. It's a memory I will never forget!

Favorite food in Greece?


Favorite class you took at CYA?

Sociology of Dissent 

Favorite quote from abroad?

"People can do hard things!"

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