A Great Achievement Cover
15 Nov 2018

A Great Achievement

CYA students proudly participate in the 36th Athens Authentic Marathon

Congratulations to the CYA students who ran and completed the Athens Authentic Marathon 2018. CYA staff and faculty are truly proud of their great achievements! Also congratulations to the students who volunteered at the Marathon and helped recycle all those plastic bottles used by Marathon runners, a very important contribution!

A Great Achievement Marathon one

Georgi Asher, Laurel Borchardt, and Chelsea Alford after crossing the finishing line

The Athens Authentic Marathon has long been a special feature of the CYA experience. Running any marathon is a special occasion, but those 26.2 miles run on Sunday by CYAers Georgi Asher, Laurel Borchardt, Chelsea Alford, Jordan Ertl and Tommy Andre, are even more special because this is the route Pheidippides ran more than two millennia ago to deliver news of a military victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. Awareness of this history combined with a sense of personal achievement is what makes this an experience CYA students will never forget. After hours of perseverance, all runners finish at the Kallimarmaro stadium, right next to the CYA Academic Center, which to CYA students is more than a large beautiful monument; it is the familiar site of their daily lives.

CYA Volunteers:

Rachel Klein, Alex Marsh, Marianna Olson, Liam O’Toole, Zoe Sergent, Matthew Sickinger, Rachel Wasserman, Maria Cullen (CSB/SJU),   Terrance Bradley (CSB/SJU), Emma Froteli (CSB/SJU), Joey Goudreau ( CSB/SJU), Dean Jojo ( CSB/SJU), Katie Koppy ( CSB/SJU), Alex Ramirez ( CSB/SJU), Amalia Robles (CSB/SJU)

A Great Achievement Marathon two

Volunteers Alex Marsh, Liam O’Toole, and Matthew Sickinger