08 May 2018

Finals Time at CYA

Even though the sun is bright and the weather hot, we all have to get through the requisite final exams and papers before we can fully enjoy summer. At CYA, that isn’t too difficult. We are surrounded by a historic city with countless cafes, bustling with activity as tourism season begins. I interviewed a few of my peers to see where they enjoyed doing their work most. As someone who alternates between readings in bed and the local cafes, I definitely have some more exploring to do!

Finals Time at CYA IMG 0902

I like to study at Le Petit Fleur, an adorable cafe with a few fluffy friends.

Sandro Cocito [Bowdoin College]

My favorite place to study in Athens is my balcony. I can see glimpses of the Acropolis. The street sounds help me focus and make the city feel more alive. The most memorable place I’ve studied is the Panathenaic Stadium. When the weather is nice, there are some really nice views of the city, and it’s cool to do work where the first modern Olympics took place.

My finals stress reliever is to hoop in the park with my Greek friends. I normally go with my roommate to the National Gardens and play pickup basketball for a couple of hours. Going to a street festival, like the Athens Book Festival, can also be a nice break from studying.

CYA definitely models balance by scheduling educational field trips to interesting places like Thessaloniki. We went on very cool walking tours with our professors, which we were able to sign up for based on our interests. Professors like to supplement coursework with field trips around the city, which makes the past come alive!

Monica Corley [Emory University]
 My favorite study spot is no Name Cafe! It has a cute outdoor area and the waiter is always friendly. The most memorable place I’ve studied is the reading lounge in the Acropolis Museum. It’s cool that I’m writing essays surrounded by ancient statues.
When it comes to relieving stress, I love sitting on my balcony with my friends and listening to music. If I had to choose a favorite class, it would be ‘Crisis and Change in Greece and Europe.’ Although the classes are long, we sometimes have field trips so I’m able to see parts of Athens while in class. There is also plenty of time to explore on my own. Sometimes having homework even forces me to go to new cafes around Athens to do work. I’m able to spend time learning the city!
Zoë Barnstone-Clark [Mount Holyoake College]
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Zoe spends her study sessions at Ohh Boy.

My favorite study spot is Varsos in Kifissia because it is quiet and has a nice courtyard. It’s a cafe and pastry shop (ζαχαροπλαστειο) my family goes to for dessert, so I enjoy the familiarity and the sweets The most memorable place I’ve studied is Ohh Boy! in Pangrati because my friends and I go there frequently, though we usually goof off more than we study. My favorite class is ‘Service Learning’ with the lovely Aimee Placas!  I spend way more time exploring than studying; there’s just too much to do and see in Athens.

Finals Time at CYA IMG 6213

Surrounded by orange trees at Elias.

Eavan Mckenzie [University of Puget Sound]

My favorite study spot in Athens is Elias, which is right next to CYA! I would say the most memorable spot to study was on a bench in the National Gardens on a sunny day. My favorite class is ‘Gender and Sexuality in Modern Greek Culture.’ I have found it very easy to balance school work and exploring Greece, the school work is interesting but easy enough to manage during the week. I usually have my weekends free to travel.