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14 Dec 2017

Inside Insider Athens – The CYA Interns

CYA helps dozens of students arrange volunteer or internship experiences while they’re studying abroad in Athens. Students have done everything from volunteering in law firms to assisting beekeepers. For many years Nadia Meliniotis (Executive Director of Student Affairs) has collaborated closely with Insider Publications in Athens to offer students a journalism and writing Internship opportunity at their Athenian,  English-language magazine. A great way help students learn new skills, gain experience and build networks while in Athens.

What is Athens Insider?
Athens Insider is a bi-monthly magazine in English catering to international residents living and working in Greece and to travelers visiting the country for business and leisure. Since 2001, Insider has established itself as the definitive social bible on what’s hot in Greece, with a focus on shopping, art, culture, business, lifestyle, entertainment, food, wine, and travel; plus a practical city guide with the best addresses.

Inside Insider Athens - The CYA Interns DSC03818aWho are the Interns and what do they do?
We spoke to Sudha Nair-Iliades Publisher at Insider Publications, who described the interns as “A delightful crop of motivated students”.  Nine CYA students, Sarah, Cameron, Sasha, Jill, Marie, Nikki, Leo (full year), Will and Cheyenne have been working alongside a team of dedicated journalists researching the ever-changing landscape of Athens and digging up its best-kept secrets, and finding out all the great things to do in the city.

The Insider team provides students with a mix of fun, challenging and less-exciting assignments so that they enjoy themselves whilst also learning about the grittier aspects of publishing too.Inside Insider Athens - The CYA Interns DSC03846

Ms Nair-Iliades explained, “We are in the midst of revamping our website students have been going through the archive, making titles more social media friendly, and presenting the content in a way that is suitable for the new site, I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have a young, enthusiastic and eager team to help us through it.”

All Interns also have the option to work on their own assignments to write about whatever they choose, such as, what being a student in Athens is like, experiences volunteering, about restaurants in Pangrati, and they get to see their work in print. They also receive assignments to research, for example, Leo recently wrote an article about the latest iPhone X, and others researched bookshop cafes in Athens. Jill and Cheyenne who have a keen interest in photography have been putting their skills to the test to capture the vibrancy and spirit of Greece. All students are creatively involved, they each have their own talents, so they mix and match.

Another perk for insider interns are the social aspects, they get invited to receptions, and have the chance to network, meet people, and write about events.

“The Interns are extremely useful, they provide fresh voices, and a new perspective on the city you live in, and the way they look at things from the outside in. The new energy and enthusiasm is always encouraging, it’s a cohesive group, well integrated into Athens life!”


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