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31 Jul 2018

Signs of recovery – corporate visit to Apivita Natural Cosmetics (video)

A new summer course, Political Economy in Historical Context: From Ancient Greece to Modern Greek Crises was offered this summer with great success. Through a critical examination of the ancient Greek world, the course examines current issues and debates of international political economy and is based on experiential learning left uncovered by traditional on-campus curriculum.

While investigating various aspects of socio-economic life in Greece, the students visited the headquarters of Apivita Natural Cosmetics Company to learn more about one of the most dynamically developing companies in Greece. They had the opportunity to learn all about the brand’s strong philosophy, innovative approach and growth amid economic and political turmoil in Greece.

They also got to experience first hand the pioneering utilization of bee products as key ingredients of the Apivita cosmetics.

Enjoy some of the highlights of the visit in the following video: