Excavating Despotiko Study Abroad in Greece Summer
27 Jun 2017

Summer Excavating & Race Running in the Aegean!

Over the past month, CYA Summer Session 1 students in the MS321 Excavating in the Aegean: The Case of Despotiko (Paros, Antiparos) course, have been actively involved in the excavation of one of the most prominent sanctuaries of the Aegean. The sanctuary, which is dedicated to Apollo is situated on the uninhabited islet of Despotiko, west of Antiparos, in the center of the Cyclades.

During their time on the Island, students learned about archaeological fieldwork methods and theory. They have familiarized themselves with a variety of artifacts of different materials and types covering a wide chronological range extending from the Early Iron Age (9th-8th c. BC) to the Classical period.

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Aside from digging in Antiparos, CYA students; Cosmo Brossy, Ralph Skinner and James Letchworth joined by their course professor Alexandra Alexadridou, took part in the 10km  Antiparos Road Race for Health’. To top it all off, our very own Cosmo Brossy was the proud winner!

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