Apr 2017

The Mountains Are Calling…

From Meteora, Greece! My first trip out of Athens was to Meteora, a small town 200 miles north from my new home on the mainland of Greece. Two


Oct 2016

On top of the World

By Alyssa Tayrien Thoughts on Mount Olympus Change your perspective. Climb a mountain. Last weekend, a group of CYA students embarked on a guided


Oct 2016

Mount Freaking Olympus

By Maddi Brenner I’m not going to lie to you… it was hard. Harder than I had expected You know those places you only read about in books, that


Oct 2016

Mt. Olympus Hike Fall 2016

  The opportunity to hike Mt. Olympus, the highest peak in Greece, one of great mythological importance and home to the throne of Zeus is